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Our Instructors


Melanie Yocum

Studio Owner/Instructor/Wellness Coach/Certified Teacher and Healer in the Lineage of King Salomon with the Modern Mystery School, Int.

Owning a yoga studio is something Melanie had dreamed of since she earned her Yoga Teacher Training in 2007. Yoga gave her a reprieve from the heaviness of life, an opportunity to heal and to shine on others. As a recovered alcoholic, she understands the importance of having a self care practice that allows one to advance his/her spiritual practice (whatever that may be). "Yoga is a vehicle for change of body, mind, and spirit... a grand connector that allows us to come home to who we truly are -pure love, light, and peace. In a world that is overstressed where people are consumed by schedules and to-do lists, yoga is an opportunity to check in and tune in to what truly matters - the present moment. Because at the end of the day, that's all we truly have."

Melanie is excited to offer this space to everyone in the Wapakoneta and surrounding communities to come and find their own sense of connection, love, light, and presence.

You will find her teaching BUTI Tuesdays 6pm, HotCore Thursdays 4:45pm, Hot BUTI 5:30pm, and Hatha 6:30pm, as well as countless workshops and classes throughout any given month! Her expertise really shines through in her instruction, leaving students feeling confident and empowered.


Stephanie Lietz

BUTI Yoga and BUTI Sculpt & Bands Instructor
Stephanie brings a quiet confidence to the mat as she fiercely leads her classes at Lightworker Yoga. She has a beautiful energy and holds space for all who come to her classes to feel welcome and accepted. Come and find her leading in pop ups throughout the month!


Allison Kent

Allison is a 200 RYT who has a passion for all types of yoga. She is especially passionate about Aerial Yoga and iis our lead Aerial Instructor. You can find her teaching each Monday at 7pm. Be sure to book early as her classes usually fill! Allison brings care and compassion to her teaching style. Her students have said that they always feel comfortable in her classes and also feel challenged to grow in their yoga practice. Allison is the kind of teacher who really pays attention to exactly what you need in class and is excellent at providing modifications so you feel empowered.

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Sarah Zabka

Sarah is a 200HR RYT, and a BUTI Yoga, BUTI Sculpt & Bands, HotCore, and Primal Flow instructor. She is strong, fierce, and fun. When you come to one of Sarah's classes, you're coming to show up and do the work! She creates classes that push you outside your comfort zone to help you move beyond your self imposed limitations. And her playlists are always unique and energy filled. Catch Sarah teaching Hatha on Mondays at 5:30pm, BUTI Sculpt & Bands Wednesdays 4:45pm, and Power Flow Sundays 2pm.

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